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1000tentacles+ San Diego Comic ConventionAl

June'12 We, 1000Tentacles® are honoured to have been selected to represent our country, Malaysia to participate in this year San Diego Comic Convention, USA. Excited over the event and looking forward to it. Stay tuned for more info and photos :)

1000tentacles+Nang Yang Daily PaperAl

Oct'11 Featured in Nang Yang Daily. Mainly talked about my sculpture art works and collections. Pages here: 01 /02/ First photo features some of my dino collections from SideShows, second photo, the top n bottom images are some of my own sculptures.

1000tentacles+Alice in Wanderland, GameAl

Oct'11Part of the conceptual team for Spicy Horse, US game company, base in Shanghai, China. This is the second episode of the famous Alice. Love the first game and thrill to be part of the team! This year, they have finally published the art of Alice, the game and available in Amazon. Some snapshots from the art book which features some of my creature designs: 01 /02/

1000tentacles+Comic King Magazine, KLAl

Sep'11 Featured in Comic King Magazine, local comic mag. The interview highlighted my recent sculpture works. Pages can be seen here: 01 /02/

1000tentacles+Best Humorous Comic AwardAl

Aug'11 Received an award from Malaysia Mandarin Comic Society, for one of my comics. Photos HERE

The Art of 1000Tentacles+Insight! Tokyo, JapanAl

Sept'10 I am honoured to be invited to participate in Insight_Malaysia Young Contemparary Designers held in Tokyo, Japan. Together with other fine artists, my works are now in Tokyo and will tour Japan untill end of the year:) Thanks, Juan from BigBrosWorkshop. Photos, courtesy of Juan, can be seen HERE

1000tentacles+Mint MagAl

Sept'10 I was featured in Mint, Sept issue. Mint is a life style+ art mag. Check out the pages here: 01 /02/03


ICC Award_KoreaAl

August'10 Received ICC Award for one of my comics from Korea. I am deeply honoured by the award and thank you so much!

ICC: International Comic Artist Conference.

The Art of 1000Tentacles_Gallery Petronas, KLCCAl

July'10 I am honoured to be invited to hold my art exhibition at Gallery Petronas, KLCC, one of the most prestigious galleries in Malaysia. Photo event HERE

1000Tentacles @ Asia Now Art Exhibition, LAAl

June'10 Curated by designboom.com, 1000Tentacles has been invited to be part of the exhibition shown in Los Angeles at the "Dwell on design", among other Asia artists. June 25-27,2010.

Twisted Mind of 1000Tentacles Art Book Release!Al

May'10 Hi everyone! My latest art book "Twisted Mind of 1000Tentacles" is available! It was launched on May 1st :D Total 270 pages, hardcover, nice uvspot and emboss effect too ;) This is a combination of comic, illustration, sculpture and 3d works. Take a look at some of the pages HERE and for order, pls send me a mail in my Contact Page.

KL Design WeekAl

May'10 This year KL Design Week held at Capsquare and on the same day, launching my latest art book "Twisted Mind of 1000Tentacles"! Photo event HERE

1000tentacles+Dpi MagAl

Marh'10 My art work featured in dpi, March issue. Dpi is a Taiwanese art mag. Check it out here: 01 /02/03 /04

1000tentacles Art BookAl

March'10 My art book coming up soon :D Pls stay tuned for further updates.

GuangMing Daily+1000tentaclesAl

March'10 My interview in Guang Ming Daily. I talked about my comic and sculpturing projects. Check it out here: 01 /02/03

Nooka Nooka+1000tentaclesAl

Feb'10 Invited by Pipit to participate in Nooka Cross Over project. Each of the invited artists need to come up with our own version for this little guy. The original Nooka looks like this 01 . Will post my version once the tour starts!

1000tentacles Toy-Platinum RushAl

Dec'09 My toy in Platinum! You can check it out HERE Stay tune for more of my works!

1000tentacles+iPhone JapanAl

Dec'09 My comic availables in Japanese version at iTune Japan. Check it out 01 /02 /

Best Graphic Award, 2009Al

Nov'09 My sincere thank-you to the Organizer, Malaysia Mandarin Comic Society for this wanderful "最佳画面奨", "Best Graphic Award" of the year. Photo event HERE.

1000tentacles + Comic Carnival 2009Al

Nov'09 This year Comic Carnival which organized by Gempak held at Sungai Weng, KL. Wanderful event I'd say. Check out the photos HERE.

1000tentacles+British Council - Talk at National Art GalleryAl

Nov'09 Invited by British Council to give a talk at National Art Gallery, Malayisa. Along with ActionTinToy, Toyko Plastic,UK and Moon from MFX. Pls check out the event HERE.


August'09 CNN.com/technology today ran an article on mobile comic. Check out my comic 01 /02 /


and photos HERE

MSC Malaysia + 1000tentaclesAl

July'09 Invited by MDec Malaysia to give a talk on comic creation. Ideas sharing session :) Event photos HERE.

New Straits Time+1000tentaclesAl

June'09 My art work featured in this month news paper, NST. Besides talking about my comic, also showcased some of my toy/sculpture creations. Check it out here: 01 /02/03 /

CG Excellence Award, SingaporeAl

June'09 My art work has been selected and awarded CG Excellence Award by CG OverDrive, Singapore. Pls check out the event photos HERE.

Street Fighter Tribute Show,USAAl

May'09 Having an art show together with other artists in US, a tribute to Street Fighter game title. This event is organized by Nucleus Art Studio, USA and Capcom, the official game company - one of the sponsors. Thanks for inviting me! Pls check out the event photos HERE.

1000tentacles+Computer Arts, ChinaAl

Mar'09 Recently have accepted an interview from Computer Arts magazine from China for Liquid City, published by Image. Together with other artists, here's some of the pictures : 01 /02/03

Behind1000tentacles BLOG Al

Feb'09 Publsihed my BLOG. Finally! A platform where I can share some of the thoughts, books I bought...etc


1000tentacles + CgArenaAl

Jan'09 Invited by CgArena to write an article for them a couple of months ago. It is an online tutorial of Photoshop software and you can read the article HERE. Hope you will like it :)


Twisted Mind of PuyuhAl

Jan'09 My comic, Twisted Mind of Puyuh has now released in 3 languages, English, Mandarin and Malay to cater for a wider audience. Take a look at some of the pages and photos HERE


1000tentacles Toy SeriesAl

Jan'09 Begining of 2009, let me introduce you to my pet, The Dino. Finally it's done! It is one of my Toy Series and with my pal Jones's help, we have casted a series of them. Now working on the rest of my other designs, plan to have them market as series someway mid of 2009. You can check the WIP HERE Stay tune for more of my works!



December'08 Did a Making Of for one of my art works for CGArena, a Graphic, and Animation Community for Digital Artist. In the Making of, I detailed the way I render an illustration and the doc is scheduled to be released in 2009 Jan. Their website at: http://www.cgarena.com/


Liquid City Signing Events, SingaporeAl

December'08 Attended Liquid City Comic Book signing in Singapore, Kinokuniya bookstore. Liquid City is an Image Comics publication and I am one of the comic contributors. Been busy for the few months down the road to promote the comic. You can check out the book at Image Comics website, and check out the event photos HERE.


1000tentacles in Image Comic's Liquid CityAl

November'08 My latest comic+art works appear in Image Comic's Liquid City, and it is schedule to be released this month. Liquid City is a compilation of art works from a selected artists around the industry in Asia and US. Thanks, Sonny Liew, for inviting! For those who interested to order the book, you can visit HERE. Sample of my work 01


1000tentacles+Skinnis, USAAl

October'08 First of OCtober! My Skinnis series has launched in US :D If you love my art work, do check out my skinnis creation HERE. Mine is under the brand name: 1000tentacles.

I did a wide range of skinnis products, a few samples here: skinnis /DS/iPhone /iPod/ Ps3 /skateboard /Mac/Wii / Tshirt


1000tentacles+3dTotal, UKAl

October'08 Did a project for 3dTotal, UK (www.3dtotal.com) for their 2dArtist, issue October, 034. It is a sketchbook project, and in it, I have included for the first time my sketches for a project I did. There's brief explanation how I usually design characters and brainstorming. Check it out here: 01 /02/03 /04


MSC Grant Winner!Al

August'08 I'd love to annouce that 1000tentacles has won the MSC 's Grant to develope a comic project titles, "Journey To The UnderWorld". MSC Grant is a Malaysian government funding and I'd like to extend my greatest appreciation and being thankful for the goverment for supporting me on this project, thanks Malaysia!

I schedule to finish the comic early 2009, so pls stay tune. You can check the cover art HERE , no 48.


1000tentacles+SpicyHorse, Shanghai, ChinaAl

August'08 Worked on the pc game title for American McGee's Spicy Horse game studio, China, as one of their game conceptual artists. I love how the final game looks like and the art direction, very dark, just the way I love it! Check it out here: 01 /02


Insect Mania Al

August'08 Just finished modeling my Insect, learnt a few tricks along the way. You can view it HERE.


1000tentacles latest comic-Monster ManiaAl

August'08 My latest comic, Monster Mania is out in the market! This is a 4-panel comic strips, 115 pages. MM is about a kid who casts chants and together with his big fat dog, searching for monsters and capturing them using his magical book!

Check it out! Monster Mania now available in main bookstores : Borders, MPH, Popular and news stands.

Among the comic books that I have released so far, Monster Mania is the first book which focuses on monster theme, I have never drawn and designed so many creatures within a book, and I tell you, it is fun! I have uploaded few samples HERE.


1000tentacles's Interview in CGWorld ChinaAl

August'08 My latest interview in CGWorld_China issue 77. CGWorld is a monthly magazine from China featuring international digital artist, and I am very honored to be featured in it. Besides interview, I contribute a tutorial, showing how I approach an illustration project. A total of 8 pages for my interview + tutorial pages. Some of the pages 01 /02 /03


1000tentacles Toy SeriesAl

August'08 This month finally has some time to continue working on my 1000tentacles Toy Series sculpturing. This time around, it's a dino. I have always love dino, is about time I have my own. Plan to cast out 5. Really looking forward to it! Check out the WIP HERE.


Workshop at MPH, KLAl

July'08 Just back giving a workshop at MPH KL. Phew, quite a day! Thank you for those who attended the workshop and hope you guys enjoy it. it is definitely a tired but fun day for me to share some of my ways and techniques of rendering art work. Would like to thanks Gempak who organized this & check out the photos HERE.


Monster Mania available in August Al

July'08 Monster Mania, my latest comic project is in store this month! It is a 4-panels comic with over 100 pages. You can get it at Popular Bookstores and do drop me a mail how you like it :P Will update it here once I receive the books, stay tune!


My Comic @ US Al

Jun'08 collaborating with many aritsts, my latest comic in US, I look forward to the comic books arrive in my doorstep and this is indeed a happy news :D Thanks, Mr Tom!



Jun'08 Invited by UK's 3dTotal to contribute a Making Of for the art community in issue 30. Without doubt, 2dartist is one of the best online art magazines circulating in the cyber world now. www.3dtotal.com, worth checking and save as your list of favorite cg sites.


Visual Effect Titan_Stan WinstonAl

Jun'08 From The Terminator movies to Iron Man, Stan Winston made the magic that make movies magic. Stan passed away on Sunday. My deepest sorrow. I admire his work greatly. It is a great lost of a genius and artist to us.


CGPortfolio Poll + 1000tentaclesAl

Feb'08 This year, Cgtalk organises Best CgPortfolio Poll and 1000tentacles is shortlisted among other 32,000 portfolios worldwide. The voting shortlists are builded base on portfolios that containing at least 3 CGChoice Awards. This is an honour and we'd like to congrat other artists who make it into the final. 3 will be selected in the end base on the online votes they received. This Poll will be held for 3 weeks, so log on to Cgtalk and vote for 1000tentacles if you love our art ;) Our cgtalk's username is "pkok"


NikeBearbrick + 1000tentaclesAl

Feb'08 Our bearbrick was one of the many that joined the event organized by Nike in Zuok, one of the hottest clubs in town. Over 100++ bearbricks were there, each with distinctive style. Check out the photos HERE


Kancil Award 2007/illustrationAl

Nov'07 Just got this news from my friend Kien Hoe that my series of posters for Saatchi & Saatchi advertising firm has won KANCIL AWARD, Silver for illustration category. A good enough reason for beer, Cheers!

Kancil Award : Kancil Awards is acknowledged as Malaysia's largest, most prestigious advertising awards competition.


Epoxy, RTV and PU resin Al

Nov'07 Sculpted a new toyz and produced a few casts, from the master sculptureI did last 3 weeks ago. So far has 7 successful pulls. My thanks to Jones Chua who showed me the way to do mold n cast and he himself indeed is a great artist! Check out the photos HERE


1000tentacles in ImagineFXAl

Oct'07 We recently created a workshop detailing how we illustrate a digital painting and it will be featured in ImagineFX, a UK base art magazine. Spread over 4 pages, we detailed each of the stages and we provided 2 captured videos during the WIP . These can be found in the mag's DVD. If you are interested in how we design our art work, you can look out for ImagineFX issue DECEMBER soon to be released.


My Graphic Novel is out!Al

Octt'07 Hey Hey, My latest graphic novel is out! |1| 2|Check it out in major book stores like Kinokuniya ;) It has both colored and b/w comics, and also featuring my sculptures n 3d work, total of 177 pgs. Collecting Value = TOP NOTCH ;P


1000tentacles in Luzer's Int'l ArchiveAl

oct'07 Luzer Int'l Archive, magazine which features Ads, TV and Posters worldwide. This german magazine is a prestigious mag and 1000tentacles is very honoured & thrill to have our POSTERS art featured in Archive issue 04/07. Thanks, Kien Hoe for informing us on this, appreciate it.


1000tentacles + iShAl

Oct'07 iSh, Singapore magazine which swept the 2007 Awards for Editorial Excellence published a 4-page INTERVIEW on 1000tentacles. The article is in iSh Vol 8.4. Thank you for having us, the pleassure is truely ours :)


1000tentacles in LoveAl

oct'07 We all love Molly and here's 1000tentacles's art featured in this We Love Molly ART BOOK, published by Gempak. A little intro bout Molly (for those who just stepped into the land of toyz): Molly's designer=Kenny, one of the members from brothersfree, famous toy designer from HK; popularity=HOT; toy collecting value=highly recommended


1000tentackles in Territory landAl

Sept'07 Territory, a designer magazine from Singapore is known for its exclusive interviews featuring many unique artists around the globe (each has a vast different in terms of artistic style). 1000tentacles is happy to put our feet in this Land of Territory in its Vol 07. Flip through the mag to read our interview :) Take a glance here |1| 2 |3|


New update in 3d section!Al

Sept'07 After clearing all the proejcts, finally have time to work on my 3d project. Here's how my FISHY-SPACE TANK looks like :P


Nike @Bearbrick + 1000TentaclesAl

Sept'07 This month I have added another interesting project in my resume, Nike@Bearbrick! I am invited to take part in the cross over project and this is most exciting n fun project. I enjoy it a lot! I spent about 5 dayz to sculpt my character using Nike@Bearbrick's template. You can view it HERE


Expose 5 + 1000TentaclesAl

July'07 The industry most recognized digital art annual, showing creative talent worldwide is now in shipping. Our work has been picked in this year annual, featuring "FREEZE!". Visit BALLISTIC PUBLISHING to get your copy.


Asia Digital Art Show 2007 + 1000TentaclesAl

July'07 07/07/07 marked the day KL hold the Digital Art Show 2007 in Central market, Malaysia. We are happy to be part of this exciting art event. The organizer, Galleriiizu projected the art works on a special canvas which hanged on the building on top. Everyone looking up and taking snap shot of the exhibited art works. Sounds cool rite? check out da PHOTOS :)


Astro Cityzen Sculpture Series_01!Al

July'07 Ok, this year planing : sculpt a series of toyz based on my Astro Cityzen character design. A total of minimum 10 pieces and once that done, will held an art show featuring my art prints and sculptures, either end of this year or beginning of next. Hope thing goes well, finger cross :) Here's the very first sculpture I just DID.


Astro Cityzen in 3 DimensionAl

July'07 Hey there! Thx to Leo, here's my very FIRST 3D model base on one of my Astro Cityzen's characters! This is so cool, can't wait till it's done with texturing! Thanks dude!


1000Tentacles + cccelsius Al

Jun'07 Cross over project organized by cccelsius. This is a fun project, co-designing a character with Argentinian artist, Gaston Caba. This is how IT turns out :)


Expose 5 Al

Jun'07 "FREEZE!" make it to Expose 5! Congratulation to all others whose work make it to this annual art book by cgtalk!


1000Tentacles+KLUE Al

May'07 The release of Astro Cityzen art book, one of the happening news in this KLUE's issue ;P


1000Tentacles + Hong Kong comic Al

April'07 Series of my horror ghost story published in "Ying Yang Ru", a Hong Kong comic, by jade Dynasty, an established comic publishing company in the land of Hong Kong. Is fun to see my COMIC there, especially since I have been following Jade Dynasty comic from small. It sure means something to me now that my work is there :)


1000tentacles + Graphic ClassicAl

Apr'07 Ok, this is really exciting for me to share this... this year, my COMIC has finally appeared in US market! Awesome! Comic book review and interview, pls visit HERE. If you'd like to get the book, pls drop me an email. My next comic project will base on HP Lovecraft's novel, which has a total of 47 pages and will be released early next year. This comic is mostly dark/horror theme, just my cup of tea!



Feb'07 One of the most interesting projects landed this year! I was commissioned by a well-known international ad agency to illustrate 3 giant posters,( they are really GIANT posters....)all with different ideas, but a consistent theme. These are for art contest in oversea. (hope to hear some good news...hehe) Will put them under "illustration" section once the AD allows it. Really excited about this :)


1000Tentacles art print available in Europe!Al

Dec'06 I'm most happy to announce that my art print is now available In German and if you stay in Europe, no problem, you can order them from COCONOVA . The art works are printed in nice aludibond material, they are beautiful I must say :) Check it out!


ICON magazine, KoreanAl

NOV'06 Received an interview from Korean's art magazine, ICON, issue November. This is quite a nice mag, informative, and this mag mostly features game and art scene especially in Korea and they do have section featuring artist abroad. I'm honour to be part of it, Thx for having me! not sure if you can get this mag in Malaysia, since it's written in Korean. Here's a snap shot of it, |1| |2|


Astro CityzenAl

NOV'06 My art book ASTRO CITYZEN is out! You can get the art book in local main art book shops, like Basheer and Kinokuniya. Well, hope you will like it and do drop me a mail, tell me what you think of the book yeah :)


Astro Cityzen

OCT'06 Finally, my art book ASTRO CITYZEN is finish! Colored comic and illustrations covering this art book is schedule to be released end of November 2006. Can't wait for the books to reach my doorstep :)


Liverpool Biennial 2006, UK, Indipendents Online Show

SEP'06 Invited by Digital Show.co.uk to participate in the online exhibition, among other 133 artists from 25 countries around the world joining the fest. The show starts in Sep 16 untill Nov 26 2006. Thank you for inviting me, Minako! You can check out my work HERE


KLue's Starbucks Music Siries

JULY'06 In conjunction with this event,1000Tentacles's ARTWORK make it's appearance in 5 selected Starbucks around KL. Apart from that, this artwork is available for d/load as DIGI phone wallpaper. Check out DIGI's WEBSITE, the wallpaper section:)




JUNE'06 2 of my art work |1| |2| have been selected in this year Expose4. Expose4 by ballistic publishing is considered one of the most respected art books which features digital art from around the world.




MAY'06 Check out my booth's PHOTOS for this event. The crowd's amazing and love the music played! My booth was voted one of the best booths that day. It was so much fun, and hope that this kind of event can be held annually :)


Astro Cityzen

JAN'06 Kick start year 2006 with the project "Astro Cityzen" , commisioned illustration art book project by a local comic magazine, Gempak. This book schedules to be released in end of 2006, featuring illustrations and comic which describs the World of Astro Cityzen. More update will be added in.